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Specialising in web application development, we use both Sinatra and Ruby on Rails to develop bespoke systems. These Ruby frameworks lend themselves well to custom applications, be it a SaaS application or company CRM. We offer development and maintenance of any Sinatra or Ruby on Rails based application.

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Since 1995, PHP has been specifically focused on web development. Our experience with PHP, and more specifically the Drupal CMS allows us to create easy to manage and content rich web sites. Powering around 2% of the web and some of the largest web sites, Drupal is the best platform for the content and media focused world.

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Responsive Web Design

With more and more people consuming web content and making use of web applications on mobile devices, taking a mobile first approach is key. When we create web applications, we will take into account all devices that could be viewing and using the application, and tailor the design accordingly.

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