Deploy: How it'll work in D8

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<p>Over the last 7+ years working with Drupal, one question always asked by clients is, how do I copy my content from staging to production? Generally the answer has been, “Don’t! Just add it on production”. Another option is to use the deploy module, which allows for the deployment of content between environments. </p><!-- more -->

<p>Drupal core has changed greatly in Drupal 8, the deploy module is following suit.</p><p><b><a href="; target="_blank">Multiversion</a><br/></b>The multiversion module will be the foundation of all this change. It introduces three big changes to the way content is managed in Drupal.<br/>Workspaces - All content is associated with a workspace, you can have multiple workspaces and switch between them. Think of them much like branches in version control systems such as git.<br/>CRAP - Create, Read, Archive, and Purge. This is an alternative to CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete). It means that in multiversion no content is deleted and everything is a new revision. Deleting an entity will just archive it, flagging it as deleted.<br/>Revisions for everything - All content entities are revisionable with multiversion module. This means blocks, user, comments etc all have revisions.</p><p><b><a href="; target="_blank">Relaxed</a></b><br/>The relaxed module is a RESTful API which is aligned to the CouchDB API. It exposes each workspace as a Couch database. This allows it to be replicated to another Drupal site running relaxed, to a native CouchDB database, or to something else that uses the same API, such as PouchDB.</p><p><b><a href="; target="_blank">Deploy</a></b><br/>Finally the deploy module. This is now just a UI module as all the the content deployment is handed with external projects. The relaxed module exposes the API needed, a PHP based <a href="; target="_blank">CouchDB replicator</a> uses a PHP based <a href="; target="_blank">CouchDB client</a> to replicate / deploy the content.</p><p>The current plan is to have a “Deploy” button in the Drupal toolbar, this will open a modal where you can choose which site you want to deploy to and which workspace you want to merge into. It will be possible to deploy to a workspace on the current site. For example, a staging site may have two content editors, both working on different workspaces, then can then deploy / merge their content to the default workspace. This default workspace can then be merged up to the production site’s default workspace.</p><p>Tagging is also an idea being worked on. It will allow you to tag a workspace at a current point in time, then continue to edit content. When deploying from a tag it will only merge up changed until the tag was created.</p><p>These are big changes for the deploy module, but something that will make the content workflow a lot easier.</p>

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