Social Media and Me

Submitted by timmillwood on Sun, 29/04/2018 - 09:47

There has been a lot of press around social media recently, especially in regards to Facebook, privacy, and Cambridge Analitica.

This, along with many other things has made me revaluate my use of social media, by first deleting the Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram apps from my phone.

This has always been my favourite of the social media platforms. It's a very short and public expression of the current moment in time. However I keep getting hung up on who's following me. I seem to question why someone unfollows me or doesn't follow me back, this is especially the case if I consider the person a "friend" or if we're "friends" on another social media platform. I was also suffering from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), the constant checking to make sure I was up to date on what was going on. I tried to unfollows more and more people to reduce the amount of updates I needed to keep in check. This is also a hypocritical statement based on the previous statement about unfollowing.

Now without Twitter installed on my phone I check it a lot less. I've unfollowed everyone who doesn't follow me back to try and give a happy medium. This does however bring conflicts towards, should I follow everyone who does follow me? I've also stopped posting anything apart from automated tweets of things like blog posts.

Here friendships have to be mutual so there's less of an issue there. I also only accept friend requests from people I know. Obviously privacy is a big issue, so I've tried to remove as much information I overshared as possible. However giving up Facebook seems like the hardest because there are lot of local groups with great information, and also a lot of family there.

I deactivated my account.

Like real life, online social interaction is hard and complex. I'm going to write more blog posts, which will be automatically posted on Twitter. Facebook is great for groups. Oh, and I'm still on LinkedIn and Swarm!


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