Heroku Subletting - Share the cloud

Heroku Subletting - Share the cloud 01 April 2014 Today we're proud to announce the launch Heroku Subletting, a great way to share Dynos. Since becoming Heroku partners last year we have been looking for ways in which we can improve the integration with their service. Heroku Subletting is that way. Sometimes an application needs more redundancy and


Why We Love Ruby (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love Ruby (And You Should, Too!) 17 March 2014 While we work on client projects, personal projects and this site using Ruby it's often good to stop and remember why we love ruby so much. Modular nature Most Ruby applications are built upon a series of gems. This makes it easy to build upon applications adding features as


What is SaaS? What is PaaS?

What is SaaS? What is PaaS? 14 March 2014 We're well out of the Web 2.0 days, and firmly in the world of SaaS and PaaS, but what does it mean? What is Software as a Service (SaaS)? SaaS or Software as a Service is a model of software delivery when all the software and data is


Sassy Sinatra

Sassy Sinatra 27 January 2014 Sass is awesome, but unfortunately Sinatra doesn't come with support out the box. Therefore we can make use of Sinatra AssetPack, this will allow the live compiling of Sass as well as formats such as Coffeescript for JavaScript. require 'sinatra/base' require 'sinatra/assetpack' require 'sass' class App <


Mini MiniTest tutorial

Mini MiniTest tutorial 05 January 2014 When creating a Sinatra application it's often a good idea to add tests. MiniTest provides a great library of tools for this. We'll use MiniTest::Spec, which is a functionally complete spec engine, to create a spec for a Hello World! Sinatra application. Firstly we create a folder 'spec'