Why We Love Ruby (And You Should, Too!)

While we work on client projects, personal projects and this site using Ruby it's often good to stop and remember why we love ruby so much.

  1. Modular nature Most Ruby applications are built upon a series of gems. This makes it easy to build upon applications adding features as needed. These gems are also built by teams of developers much bigger than we could ever dream to have working on our applications. This helps make sure the code is as bug free and secure as possible.

  2. DRY Don't repeat yourself. The Ruby gems and "the Ruby way" of working promote a DRY codebase. This keeps everything structured, easy to read and easy to understand. If anything needs to be updated you quickly and easily know where to find it, and know it will affect all aspects.

  3. Freedom Ruby is free, as in speech and beer. This allows you to build applications without worry of proprietary software or languages. Also pass the savings and advantages on to clients. Most Ruby focused hosting platforms also run open source software, making these just as effective as Ruby itself.

  4. Community The Ruby community is great, there are always people to help, whether this be via IRC, Twitter, StackOverflow or blog posts. There's always great meetups and conferences. Kickstarter is never short of Ruby based campaigns to back.

  5. Great company to be in There are so many great people who use Ruby. Basecamp, Twitter, LinkedIn and Shopify to name just a few who are using Ruby on Rails. BBC, Apple, Red Hat and Stanford all use the Ruby framework Sinatra. If it's good enough for them, it's gotta be good enough for us, right?

As a web development agency we are in deep love with Ruby and offer it to all clients who are the right fit. It's a joy to code and a joy to build with.

Thinking of using Ruby? Plan your project with us.

Let us know how you use Ruby and why you love it.

Published on: 17 March 2014
Tags: rails, love, ruby, sinatra,

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