Sinatra Cookbook - Recipes for the Ruby framework

Today saw the launch of a new Kickstarter project, Sinatra Cookbook - Recipes for the Ruby framework, a 12 chapter ebook featuring 12 example Sinatra applications.

The book, written by me is planned to be complete by July 2014 after successful funding. Each of the 12 tutorials will feature more than just Sinatra, making use of third party gems and techniques for authentication, databases, caching, email, file storage and more.

As you may have gathered from other posts on this blog Sinatra is a fantastic framework. It's small, lightweight, easy to get started with and fast. This makes it ideal for many web apps, from todo lists to APIs and chat applications.

The topics for the 12 example applications is still to be determined but your input is welcome, just get in touch and let me know what you want to learn more about. The current plan is to start simple and grow in complexity, trying to give examples of everything Sinatra can do out of the box such as templates, caching, error handling, streaming responses. Then look at how different Rack middleware and Ruby gems can be used, including datamapper and active record for databases, different options for authentication, uploading files to S3, deploying to Heroku, the list goes on.

So, if you want to see this happen, and want to make my dreams of being a self-published author come true, head over to kickstarter and back the project.

There are many different rewards to choose from. The first 10 backers have the option of getting the ebook half price. You can opt for some extra swag, t-shirts, mugs and pens. The ultimate reward is one-on-one tuition with me on a chapter of your choice.

For more information take a look on kickstarter or the Sinatra Cookbook website.

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