SimpleSite - Basic website CMS for SMEs & small businesses

It sometimes seems that small businesses either have old and outdated or completely non-existent websites. There are also a lot of systems and platforms to help these small businesses get online. Some of these platforms are free and some run into the hundreds or thousands. Many of these systems offer more complexity and more choices than are needed for a small business, and the site either doesn't end up being launched, or doesn't look and function as it should due to the pitfalls of the system.

SimpleSite has been developed using Ruby on Rails to be a hosted solution, fitting nicely on a single Heroku Dyno, and have limited options so that the business can build a simple but effective online presence.

Using Markdown for content it is simple to add headings, paragraphs, links and other text formatting. The image uploader gives a choice between a single image or a carousel of multiple images. The contact page features an email form, business address and phone number as well as an embedded Google map. Nothing more is needed to get a small or medium size enterprise visible to an international online audience.

By using the Bootstrap framework the site has a clean and responsive design bringing the website bang up to date for mobile visitors. Then with Bootswatch there is a choice of styles and themes for the site to give it that little bit of individualism.

The plan is to make the SimpleSite package available for £99 hosted and supported with a domain name. The system currently needs to be provisioned manually, but work is in progress to automate this shortly.

If you want to give SimpleSite a try take a look at and login using the credentials, username, password.

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