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This month I have an article in .net magazine. If you are a subscriber you may have seen it already, if not you will have to head down to the shops later this week and buy yourself a copy.

In the article I discuss using Drupal 7 - how to install Drupal, how to add contributed modules, how to setup content types, add fields and create views. These seem very basic tasks for a seasoned Drupal developer, but to most, including some skilled programmers, web developers and designers, they can be a minefield of pain. This is because Drupal is very powerful, but with power comes complexity. Over time, including the work for Drupal 7, this complexity has been displayed in a way which is easy to understand, and easy to work with. Although there are a still a few parts that take some getting used to. The onramp into Drupal is also easier now due to the re-design of The Getting Started with Drupal section now guides you though downloading Drupal, extending Drupal (adding modules, themes and translations), finding documentation and getting support. These documentation and support channels have been greatly improved, and are constantly being added to to offer a better experience to new users coming to Drupal.

With this article I have created a fictional job site just to show off how Drupal can be used, along with a couple of contributed modules to create an awesome site in a matter of hours. Although with many things in Drupal, there are multiple ways to do the same thing. In the "real world" if you wanted to create a job listing website, a good place to start would be the eRecruiter distribution. This distribution is a Drupal 7 install profile that allows users to register either as recruiter and post job classifieds or they can register as applicants and fill out their resume. This is much more advanced that the website I explain in my article, and can be setup in a matter of minutes.

I also have another article in next months .net magazine focusing on module development. The article breaks down the steps needed to create a simple Drupal module including much used hooks such as hook_menu and hook_form_alter.

If you are looking for help in building a job listing web site, I currently have availability to take on new projects, please get in touch.

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