Archive - June 2012

Find and replace paths within code files

28 June 2012 Following on from my post 'Managing files when moving to multi-site in Drupal 6' where I explained about updated file paths in the files table, and other tables in the database. Here is a handy command to use if you have any hard coded image paths in code. find


Remove all the .SVNs

26 June 2012 When I am copying sites around between servers, adding some parts to new repos, and adding other parts else where I seem to get cluttered up with .SVN files left over from the previous version control system. Here is a handy command which goes through the directories and deletes all


Drupal cron failing? Not sure why? here's a handy drush command.

25 June 2012 More often than I'd like I see issues where Drupal's cron fails or exceeds the time limit. Here is a handy Drush command which will run all cron hooks on your site and the time it takes to run. This will allow you to see which cron it fails on,


Managing files when moving to multi-site in Drupal 6

24 June 2012 One thing I have been doing quite a lot recently on clients sites is merging multiple Drupal 6 installations into a multi-site setup. This is usually quite painless and can be done within an hour or so, the hard bit comes when none of the display, and you realise that